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Pictures from Corregidor Island

A large gun in one of the 20 batteries used in defense of the island.
American flag flying at Gen. Wainwright's memorial.
Statue of Gen. Douglas MacArthur at Lorcha Dock, where he departed, saying "I shall return."
Plaque in Malinta Tunnel conmemorating the Aggie muster held on Corregidor. It reads, "Site of Texas Aggie Muster, April 21, 1942. Twenty-five former students of Texas A&M College, including General George F. Moore, gathered at this spot fifteen days before the fall of Corregidor to hold their annual Muster.The roll was called for the missing, and as is traditional, a comrade answered "Here." Twenty Texas A&M graduates died in the defense of the island."
Ruins of Senior oficer's quarter's near the parade ground.
Malinta Tunnel served as a refuge from Japanese bombings and all personel were moved here during most of the siege.
Another picture of Malinta Tunnel