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Pictures from Richard's place in Calag-Calag on Negros Island

Four people being immersed by brother Santiago Binaloga (man on far left).
Ten more people preparing to be immersed into Christ by brother Macario Alejo (on far right).
Brother Santiago encouraging the ten who were just immersed, after we gathered around and sang.
Filipino chicken coups on Negros Island
Piling into the back of brother Bolongaita's dump truck to go outreach at Manjuyod.
Richard's new gates, made at the request of his wife Becky, who is an Aggie.
Us and the young people who attended the extension class. Taken after we led them in a singing class.
Us riding in the crowded jeepney with the brothers and sisters from the mountains.
Richard, me, Clint, Brad, and Richard's mom with the lechon, roasted pig, we had for the 4th of July!
The lechon in all its glory!
View of Negros from the boat that we arrived on.
Brad and Clint take Richard's dugout canoe out for a spin!
A storm blowing in from across the bay.
Another storm blowing in from the other direction!