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6-25-03 to 6-28-03
Howdy! We've arrived safely in the Philippines. We met up with Brad at the gate in Houston - he had flown down from Dallas. Ken was waiting for us when we got to LA since he had flown out of Austin. The flight from LA to Taipei, Taiwan was soooo long! I woke up after sleeping for several hours and Clint told me we still had 6.5 hours left! While on layover in Taipei, we went to the Palace Treasures Museum display in the airport, which contained reproductions of beautiful Chinese vases and paintings.
We're still adapting to the time differntial - about 13hours ahead of CST. Culture shock hasn't hit us too much yet, mostly because we've mostly dealt w/ the Murrell's - Ken's daughter and son-in-law's family, and most people in the cities speak English because it is the language of business. Today, we've been figuring out our schedule fot the next week or two - I'll get back w/ the datial later. Please continue to keep us in your prayers and God bless! I'll try to get some pictures up soon.

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