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6-29-03 to 7-7-03
Well, alot of ground to cover here! When I last updated, we were about to leave for Siquijor island to do some seed planting in preparation for a larger campaign next month. We took a jet boat, but the trip was still about 3.5 hours long. It was a nice boat - arranged like a lagre airplane inside and airconditioned (or air con as they call it here). We had several people interested in the correspondence sourse "Jesus, Man of the Bible" - may God give the increase to the seed that has been planted! Specifically, two people we were able to study with - Lucile and Alfred. Lucile was so interester, that she began to do the sample copy of the course we had with us! Alfred was runninga a store when we met him - he is the son-in-law of the vice-mayor of the town. We studied with him and his father-in-law.

The next day we left for brother Richard's family's place on the island of Negros. It was a short boat ride - only 40 minutes, but about an hour drive afterward. His place is very nice! It's right on the ocean, with a few mangroves growing along the coast. We just relaxed that afternoon, since the extension class does not start until the next afternoon. We rode up into the mountains to pick up the bretheren on a vehicle called a jeepney - a jeep with a longer bed with two benches running from front to back. It was rather crowded with 14 filipinos, 3 americans, and 200 lbs of rice! The classes went well - Ken taught one, and brother Santiago taught one in the morning in the Cebuano language. Brad, Clint, and I led a singing class wiht the young people - they really love to sing!

Today, July 7, we returned to Cebu to prepare for administering the the nursing certification test on Wednesday - missionaries are used because they are honest! On thursday, we're going to Naval to do some follow-up studies from an earlier campaign. Here are some pictures from the trip so far.

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