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Pictures from Siquijor Island

The images in the house of a man we studied with. (actually, it's his father-in-law's house)
Lucile, a girl, we studied with in the city of Siquijor.
A view of the beach at the hotel.
Richard, Brad, Clint, and I strike a pose at the hotel.
Eating breakfast with some of the brothers.
A view of the hotel's restraunt and main desk from the beach.
The beach had a perfect view of the beautiful sunsets!
Another one of God's beautiful sunsets!
Brad working on his sea-creature menagerie, containing crabs and sea snails.
A close-up shot of the menagerie. You can see several snails along the edges of the shell, and a small crab at bottom center.
One of the abundant large orange starfish on found at low tide.
A sand-colored starfish burrowing into the wet sand.
A scary-looking starfish!
So many starfish!! There are at least 20 in this picture!
The reason we didn't go swiming - a spiny sea urchin!!